Thursday, 19 February 2009

London to Mae Hong Son

Hey..... readers, friends, followers, fans, wives, daughters, presidents, aliens et al.
It's olive and rosemary all the way from SWELTERING thailand....burma....BIG FUCKING DIFFERENCE.
As you all know, we left on the 30th and WOWZAH has our lives been MENTAL.
So we'll begin at the beginning and end at... now. (which hopefully isn't the end of our lives)

30th January
We got on a plane, watched sisterhood of the travelling pants 2, cried at plane letters (SOME more than others OLIVIA) and didn't sleep a wink (SOME slept a bit OLIVIA). Got to Bangcock the next day at 4ish in the afternoon and had an hour or two before the next plane to chiang mai.

31st-1st February
When we got there we went to our hostel (minicost, 17poonds for the both of us....oh yeaaaah)
Chiang Mai looked cool (we saw a Boots and several Starbucks!) although crossing the road was tricky.... one particular road took us appppproximately half an hour to cross. It was embarassing. And we were severely jet lagged and managed about an hours sleep that night, thank goodness they had English movies. It was 101 Dalmations. The movie.
And it does also seem to be the home of the 'buy a thai bride' which was incredibly disturbing.
And we plan to go back soon!

1st February
We managed our only sleeping between the hours of 7am to 11am and then got up to catch our final flight to our home - Mae Hong Son where we were greeted by Beryl and Steve 35 minutes after taking off. We spent the evening exploring the town and the night market, got some chicken, ate some fish and spent our first night in the KSDP headquarters where we have a little house and keep most of our stooff. we say house...we mean a room. and a bathroom. and it's not really's the cockroaches. (I SLEPT WITH ONE OF THE BASTARDS buuuut I KILLED IT TOO. it's still there. i'm not bloody touching it. and apparently olivia's being a big baby and not touching it either - rosa)
There is a lady called Bridget who lives at the headquarters permanently and she teaches in the refugee camps and around and about, there are also two refugees who live there (Macey and Sharpeh) so we hang abouts with them when we're there.

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