Thursday, 19 February 2009

Nai Soi.... middlings?

The week (9th - 13th)
Monday was a big holiday in thighland and there was a local partay in Nai Soi which we attended with the students and other teachers which was lots of fun but also FREAKING scary. Most people there had never seen a white person so we were stared at/photographed/evilled/smiled at.... the works....for the whole night. There were endless stands of food (some of it not so lovely looking) and a stage where it appeared a dancing/singing talent competition was taking place amongst the local youth. Some very odd (and rather revealing) outfit choices were made and there was some very camp male dancers. This was ver ver funny and we had a grand old time!
The week was spent teaching and chillaxing ASIDE from our leeeeetle hospital trip on tuesday. Another to add to Olivia's worldly collection of hospital experiences.... we managed to navigate our way around and everything was swiftly sorted! We then needed to be taken back to school so spent the afternoon with at the local juvenile court where Emmett (aka 'teacher helmet') was teaching for the afternoon. We stayed with him and had a barbeque with the local criminals who have an undying love of karaoke and, seemingly, westlife.
On Friday night Emmett also set up a small cinema in one of the classrooms where the remaining students and us lovely teachers (and Otto the Finn, who is actually a big, galumpfing Swede really called Yannis) watched Slumdog Millionaire and got fed banana pancakes. We dig.
Le Weekend
Hit up some shnooker with Boris, some student and beer. (OH AND OLIVIA fell to the disease of the stomach first). Rosa was very good at aiding her and her vomit at 1am.
We also went swimming (fully clothed) in the waterfall near by which was fun aaaaand we'll show you pictures.
There's lots of other random things.... we haven't even nearly started covering everything. Most notably the ridiculous and endlessly entertaining existence of Teacher Bob. Really.... he says the strangest things.
WE PROMISE TO BLOG MORE REGULARLY FROM NOW ON, but feel you are satisfactorily up to date!!
Lots and lots of love to you all,
Livi and Rosa
p.p.s FOODWISE, we get all our food brought up to the teacher table outside our room... verhery convenient... 3 times a day. BUT WE SWEAR TO GOD WE DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH MORE RICE WE CAN TAKE. death by rice. poirot would have an easy time working that out. Although, something that seems to be eating tasty food is the ARSE-RATTING MOSQUITOS which are killing us slowly but surely.
Very slowly.
Very surely.
Words can't cover our hatred.....THE BRUTES.

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  1. well ladies it seems that you are having an awesome time....
    i had to look up Edward cullen but i'm with you now, i shant be sending you any. if its your your equivilant to pornography.
    keep blogging (is that what your meant to say)
    speak soon x x x