Saturday, 28 March 2009

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu, adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and diddle doo diddle do doodoo.....

So now we've googled all Sound of Music lyrics....

I wonder if you knew we were here.... probably not.... but possibly maybe.... we're travellers doncha know. we could go anywhere we choose.

So, what have these crazy gap year tragedies been up to? THE ANSWER: loads. Which on the one hand is GREAT, but absolutely arse paining as we have to write it all out for you muggles (just watched harry potter. oh yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhh)

In the last month there has been lots of exams, a motorcycle crash (nothing to do with us) lots of graduation parties (well... one), a very drunken Kozue, lots of hanging out, lots of tears (olivia...), lots of laughs and a LOT of goodbyes. And a six hour bus ride. And the odd tattoo....
Oh and a thai communist nightclub.

We want to keep this post within a reasonable length, we are lazy. We did wake up at 2pm today an proceed to congratulate ourselves on doing so and then have a fit when harry potter was on. IT WASN'T EVEN DUBBED GUYS.

So around abouts 2 weeks in the past, there were exams and a very uneasy feeling of tension that took us both back to our exam taking days which we had hoped were so firmly in the past. Exam week FLEW by.... possibly because we did absolutely NOTHING. But a fun sorta nothing. Not the sorta nothing that drags on and on.... and on and on... and then on. And then some more.

Un petit drama happened when 3 of the students were involved in a motorcyclin' crash and the other party ended up in hospital (oh hospital... we know it well....). The boys had run from the scene (a biiiiiiiiiiiiiit of a no-no in thighland) as only 1 of them had a thai ID card as the others were from camp. Consequentially (ooooh long word) the 2 not-so-happy campers spent a few nights in jail and we were really upset as we thought we may never see them again because often the thai police just lock 'em up for days and weeks and months and days. BUT WE DID. keep your knickers on.

The following week was pahooosibly the funnest and the saddest. Especialmente for Emmett who was leaving after 2 years at the school. After a really fun graduation party on the Sunday (22nd) we followed Kozue's exceptional lead and had many a alcoholic beverage and stormtroopered the boys' rooms for a night of absolute awesomeness and merriment. The photos will provide the evidence. Oh and olivia made friendship bracelets for everyone which took approximately days and days and half of them are already lost (apparently only two....BAH!) They were....pretty? Olivia got one from Bosco which made her little life complete. (Dear Ed, olivia's boobs have grown. You're welcome. Love Rosa.)

Then we did a lot of things for the last time.... last waterfall, last movie night, last rice-eating (THANK YOU BUDDHA - look how culturally aware we are. it's a beautiful thing. unlike us.)
... last everything! It was so sad. We also had our last sup at Salween and took along two of the students to experience their first burger!!! It was a sight to be seen and we educated them in ketchup application. Ahhhhh good times....

If you're eating breakfast then look away.... actually don't because we really want some breakfast and thusly we really envy you and therefore hope that you proceed to vomit everywhere at the following..... que/queue/quuuee/kew/CYUE\\\ GOT IT - CUE serious gap year tragedy moment....
We feel really lucky to have made such amazing friends aand to have had such an interesting and fun-filled time in Nai Soi and we're going to miss it lots and lots and then a little bit more.
Though our time flew by and it seems like we've only just got off the plane.... we also feel like it was our home! We're going to miss Otto. Which, honestly, we weren't sure we would at the beginning.... SORRY OTTIE BABY.

Our last hurrah was our tattoos which are, in our humble opinions (and we are now so very, very humble. it would be hard to find ones so humbled as us.) TOTALLY AWESOME DUUUUUDE.
Rosa got the Thai kings face tattooed onto her back. It's ironic. (But don't ask me what his name is.... - Rosa) whilst olivia settled for the less ironic baby cockroach that now nestles in her cleavage. Tasteful.

ONWARDS AND UPWARDS, we took the 6 heure bus ride from Mae Hong Son (oh....memories...) to Chiang Mai which was preeeeeetty turbulent as it was the most twisty, windy road through the jungle. But we got through it with the aid of about 7 chuppa-chups each (lime flavour is a must-try....sarsly.)

Al momento, we are uploading lots of photos which is proving rather time consuming but we will tell you of our Chiang Mai adventures whence we have had the time to have any!
(although small taster - we went to a thai communist nightclub..... let your imaginations ROAM)

All our much less constipated and slightly cleaner love,


  1. mother is seriously worried about said tattoo
    she is also slightly alarmed by the mention of breast enlargement. Please do elaborate.
    Thai communist nightclub sounds like my kinda shabang.
    hope you have an awesome time in Chiang Mai!!!
    Lots of love
    niff niff

  2. are those tatts real????????????? if so get out of town
    xxxxxxxxx love ya

  3. just to celar things up. we did get tattoos.
    but not exactly the ones we described. WHO DO YOU THINK WE ARE!!

    you will see them all in good time.
    misssss you

    ps. ella....HAVE AN AMAZING TIME IN NY.

  4. so you didnt get a cockroach tattoed on your tits? xx

  5. what do you think? really?
    NO. I DIDNT!